DiDomenico Votes to Pass Bill Funding Capital Facility Repairs and Improvements

Senator Sal DiDomenico and his colleagues in the Massachusetts Senate recently voted to authorize up to $3.65 billion in bonds for repairs and improvements of capital facilities across the Commonwealth. Spending authorizations in the bill include bonds for state university and community college campus improvements, public safety and security facilities and clean energy and efficiency programs. Senator DiDomenico also sponsored an amendment to the bond bill for repairs and renovations in the City of Chelsea, totaling $4.5M.

“This bill will go a long way towards helping municipalities across the Commonwealth make significant revitalization and economic development improvements,” said Senator Sal DiDomenico (D-Everett), Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Ways & Means. “I am also happy to report that after working closely with representatives from our community to identify our needs, I was able to secure crucial funding for my district, including $4.5M to support the rebuilding of the Department of Public Works in the City of Chelsea.”

“This bill invests in capital projects across the state, to ensure our state facilities are well-maintained and well-equipped to best serve our residents and communities,” said Senator Karen E. Spilka (D-Ashland), Chair of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means. “These bonds are a strong step in our continued work with the Governor and the House to support projects in a range of areas, including health, safety and education, that are critical for our cities and towns.”

“The Senate’s support for these projects highlights the Legislature’s commitment to significant revitalization and economic development across the Commonwealth,” said Senate President Harriette L. Chandler (D-Worcester). “The maintenance and improvement of these projects is essential to maintain a high quality of life for our constituents.”

The bill also authorizes the issuance of bonds for the improvement of capital facilities and for general government operations, including:

$680 million for general state facility improvements;

$675 million for trial court facility improvements;

$500 million for public safety and security facilities;

$475 million for state university and community college campus improvements;

$475 million for the University of Massachusetts system campus improvements;

$193.4 million for a municipal facility improvement grant program;

$150 million for the Accelerated Energy and Resiliency program, which develops and implements energy and water savings projects statewide;

$85 million for the Clean Energy Investment Program to improve the energy efficiency of state-owned facilities.

The bill also increases previous spending authorizations for University of Massachusetts, state universities and community colleges campus facilities.

In addition, the bill increases several project control and supervision, design and construction thresholds for the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, to keep pace with current costs of construction in Massachusetts.

The bill will now be reconciled with a version passed by the House of Representatives.

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