Congratulations to Our Elected City Officials

We offer our congratulations to our city officials who were sworn into office this past week.

Public service is not easy these days. In an era of limited resources, it seems that our elected officials find themselves saying “No” more often than not. And given the cutbacks in funding for state and local government that are coming from Washington, the situation appears destined only to become worse.

However, speaking as students of our city’s history, we can say without fear of successful contradiction that under the administration of Mayor Martin Walsh, working together with our City Council and School Committee, Boston’s city government is as strong, capable, and committed as it ever has been.

To be sure, there will be honest disagreements and bumps along the road. That is to be expected.

But we look forward to an immediate future for Boston that is bright and on the upswing. We trust that our officials who took the oath of office this week will conduct themselves with the highest degree of professionalism and civility, bound together by a mutual desire to make Boston the best it can be.

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