Townie Tidbits

By Sal Giarratani


Judy Evers will continue on as the Charlestown neighborhood liason as she did for District City Councilor Sal La Mattina for over 10 years and before that for Paul Scapicchio. District 1 has been well served by Judy Evers.

She was among one of the first people in Charlestown I met back in the 70s when I moved to Winthrop Street opposite the Engine 50 firehouse. I remember her late husband Bernie. He and I often chatted about politics, what else. Judy was always a presence in the community. I remember when she worked with Mayor Ray Flynn. She is politically astute and caring about her Charlestown community. Always was, always is and always will be.

Incoming District 1 City Councilor Lydia Edwards ran a great campaign. She worked endlessly across the district and made many new friends in Charlestown. With Judy at her side, I se good things happening for District 1 and Charlestown.



For many years I lived right next to the Training Field and was always intrigued by that Civil War Monument dedicated to all those from here who died during that war. It looks really impressive and always has. However, I have never read the inscriptions carved into it because it is fenced off from  the walkways around it.

As I recently reported when down I the City of Austin, TX I walked on the Grounds of the State Capitol and studied the Civil War Monument dedicated to all the Confederate Dead from Texas who served in that war. This monument is not fenced off. Texans and tourists alike can walk right up to it, touch it and read all about it. Folks even pose in front of it.

I wonder if the Friends of the Training Field might consider opening up the fencing and letting folks walk right up to it and read the names of all these Charlestown heroes who perished fighting to keep America one? Just an idea I think worth considering.



In the photo to the left  looking at this monument today it remains in the distance. Perhaps it is time to create a path right up to it.



I was recently in attendance at the 10th Annual Boston State College Education for Service Award. I graduated from Boston State back in 1972 and Billy Bratton in 1975. Recently someone sai8d that UMass Boston has Boston State College DNA all over it. Boston State may have merged into UMass Boston but it remains alive and well inside all of its graduates.

I still remember a few years back when Bill Bratton Sr. was named the Bunker Hill Day Grand Marshal, an honor Billy Bratton told me at the UMass Boston event that his father now deceased got a great kick out of getting that honor since he was a Townie forever no matter where he lived.

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