AG Healey Endorses Lydia Edwards for Council

Maura Healey, the State’s Attorney General and a Charlestown resident, is throwing her support behind Lydia Edwards in the City Council election on November 7.

“I’ve seen first-hand that Lydia can and has made a significant difference in people’s lives, standing up for workers, for women and for the most vulnerable people throughout the district,” Healey said. “I know Lydia will be a great partner in government as Councilor in my home district and she will always put people first.”

Said Edwards, “Our attorney general has been out front fighting hard for our rights, our families and our communities. I am humbled and excited to have earned her support and I look forward to working with her as the next city councilor from District 1.”

In addition to her pubic announcement, Healey will be kicking off a canvass in support of Edwards in Charlestown on Sunday, Nov. 5 at Noon at 6 Monument Square #2.

Healey joins an impressive of people and organizations endorsing Lydia Edwards.

Late last week, The Boston Globe wrote in their endorsement, “[The people of District 1] deserve a councilor with a sophisticated understanding of housing policies as Boston, a city of renters, struggles to create better pathways to homeownership and more affordable options. That person is Lydia Edwards.”

Former opponents, Jack Kelly of Charlestown and Margaret Farmer of East Boston have enthusiastically thrown their support behind Edwards. Edwards has earned the support of a broad coalition including organizations that support women, working families, immigrants and the environment. Partial list includes Planned Parenthood of MA, the Boston Teachers Association, the Environmental League of Massachusetts, SEIU 1199, 32BJ, 888, and many other organizations. Additionally, Edwards received key endorsements from State Senator Joe Boncore, Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins and State Representatives Adrian Madaro and Mike Moran.

“We started with a hard-working candidate who had great ideas about how we could improve our communities, our schools, our streets and our neighborhoods,” says campaign manager and lifelong East Boston resident Gabriela Coletta.

“This has been a grassroots campaign driven by conversations on doorsteps and at small community forums – one person, one vote at a time,” says Edwards.  “I could keep knocking doors all winter because I genuinely love talking to people one-on-one, listening to their concerns and coming up with solutions to make their lives better.  I am asking for their vote next Tuesday so we can continue this conversation and so I can keep fighting for all the citizens of our district.”

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