BGCA Swim Team Takes Part in Florida Competition

Charlestown Swimming put their hard work to the test this past weekend at the ‪2017 BGCA National Swim Championship in St. Petersburg, FL.

Ten athletes from Charlestown were selected to compete for Team New England, a group of swimmers that represent Boys & Girls Clubs across the region.

All of the Charlestown athletes were locked in over the weekend, swimming some of the best races all year. Their combined efforts helped Team New England return to 2nd place, a spot they barely missed at the meet last year.

There were a few standouts on the Charlestown team as well.

Courtney Collins (8) finished 4th on Team New England for Total Points Scored with 124 points across 8 different events. Eliza Nilson (12) swam in five Finals events during the course of the weekend, including her favorite event – 50 Yard Freestyle. Charlotte Taieb (9) finished all six of her events in the Top 20, and Molly McGuinness (12) placed in the Top 20 in both 50 Yard Breastroke and 50 Yard Backstroke. Victoria Taieb (14, captain) was a tremendous leader all weekend, supporting all the other swimmers during their events and cracking the Top 20 in her 100 Backstroke.

The Championship Meet was an incredible way to end the season. We look forward to taking a break from competition and to continue improving inside and outside of the pool.

For more information on Charlestown Swimming and how to get your swimmer involved, please contact Quinlan Locke at ‪[email protected] or ‪617-516-5506.

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