Wynn Boston Harbor to Begin Sign Ups for Special Loyalty Cards

By Seth Daniel

Local residents will have first crack at getting special status from the Wynn Boston Harbor in the company’s loyalty card program, with sign ups for the ‘Red Card’ program beginning next week and continuing with local events.

Wynn announced this week that they would hold the first informal sign up at the 8/10 Restaurant in Everett on Nov. 3 from 6-9 p.m. There will be other events in the coming months, including a sign up event expected in Charlestown, but the inaugural event will take place on Nov. 3.

A special perk will be that anyone who signs up at any of the early sessions for the Red Card will enjoy special status as an “Inaugural Member,” according to Greg John of Wynn Boston Harbor.

Right now, those signed up for Red Card would get e-mails about special offers, discounts on trips to Las Vegas, sweepstakes events in Las Vegas and construction updates on the Everett facility.

Once the opening of the casino gets closer, Inaugural members will likely be invited to special events and a special opening party. There will also be extra perks such as additional points for the Red Card and other such special items.

John said there would be temporary cards issued without names and bearing the ‘Inaugural Member’ status. Those cards can be turned in after the 2019 opening for permanent cards, he said.

He added that Red Card members in Las Vegas or those who sign up after the opening will not be able to qualify as ‘Inaugural Members.’

Red Card team members Rita Eliseo and Rebecca Burley will be on hand to sign people up on Nov. 3. One only needs a driver’s license to prove their age. It will be scanned in and one has to provide an e-mail address and then the benefits will start coming.

The event will have food and drinks for those who attend.

Already, Wynn Boston Harbor placed a Red Card display at the TD Garden last week for the new Bruins and Celtics seasons so that fans will be able to know about the new loyalty program sign ups.

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