Townie Tidbits

By Sal Giarratani


 Keep the date Sunday, November 6 open from 100-400 pm for the Harvest On Vine Fundraiser at the Navy Yard Bistro. Tickets are $50 and going fast. Email Tom at [email protected]. Don’t miss out on the gourmet food, fine wines and great company.



The High Street Bridge that connects City Square to Filippo’s in the North End is pretty historic as in quite old. It probably should have been replaced years ago with a newer version. However, plans are on the drawing board. I’ve seen what the new bridge will look like. However, I did hear that plans call for one way traffic each way. I hope it isn’t true because it will turn that new bridge into a giant parking lot at rush hour for sure.

By the way for all the new people in town, there used to be a Low Bridge too which is why the present old bridge is often referred in town as the High Bridge.

 One final thing about the fishing being done on the bridge. Would you ever eat any fish caught on it. Myself, probably not.


Harvest on Vine will be distributing turkey baskets to 750-800 families on Friday, November 18 starting at 200 pm. There will be more on this shortly. Meanwhile if you would like to help get in touch with Tom at the food pantry.



Boston native Billy Bratton recently retired as police commissioner in New York City where he served twice in that post. He began his law enforcement here in Boston over 40 years ago.  believe named the youngest deputy superintendent of the Boston Police Department. Along the way he ran the Metropolitan Police, the Boston University Police and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Bratton now reportedly will head up a new division of Teneo Holdings, a consulting firm with ties to the Clintons and reportedly will rake in a $ 1 million plus a year.

A few years back William Bratton Sr. was honored for his Townie roots by being names as honorary chairman of the Bunker Hill Day Parade. He passed away last March at age 89. Bill and his wife Rikki Klieman led off that parade that year with members of the NYPD serving as escorts.


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