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The Charlestown Police Appreciation Night that was organized by the Grateful Community of Charlestown and hosted by the Boys and Girls Club was a great success last week and truly appreciated by the men and women of this community and beyond who serve and protect  that thin blue line protecting all of us.


As I passed by Bunker Hill Florist one day last week, I noticed once again the beautiful displays outside the shop making for a nice look as summer turns to autumn. All year long this place adds to the ambiance of Main Street.


 Leaving the post office at the Bunker Hill Mall, I passed by Billy Stella sitting at one of the 60 pianos placed across the city as part of the Play Me, I’m Yours 2016 Celebrity Series of Boston. These pianos will be seen across Boston until October 10 and are available to anyone to play and enjoy. The object of these public pianos is to animate folks and activate empty spaces. Fotr more information, you can go to ;

By the way, Billy says it is profitable for him sitting at the piano. People are giving him cash to stop playing or at least that’s what he told me with a wink and a smile.


Walking around town, I have see how much Charlestown has gone to the dogs.  Everywhere folks are walking dogs, big ones, little ones, scary ones and even silly ones. Back in 1968 I had a beautiful German Shepard when I lived at Number 12 Pearl Street. Back then few if anyone scooped up poop. We let nature take care of things. Once I let my dog inside the playground at the Warren Prescott by Pearl Street to poop. A janitor came running out with a large broom, I grabbed onto to “Rebel” and headed out of there.

I also remember where I was when Neil Armstrong took the giant step for mankind. I was walking Rebel down High Street toward Thompson Square to me my dad when he got off the train from work.

Not that many dogs back then, today just the opposite. Now everyone does scooper duty  at least that’s what I see out there.

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