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Meeting on traffic plans set for June 30

Dear Editor:

On June 30, there will be an important meeting at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 545 Medford Street at  6:30 pm. The Boston Transportation Department will be discussing traffic plans from the Washington Avenue Bridge and City Square to Austin Street. In the Fall plans will be presented concerning this corridor and planning will begin regarding Sullivan Square. The goal is for construction to begin in 2020.

 While this is an important meeting, we in Charlestown have major concerns right now. We are boxed in daily with traffic in all directions. This is 2016, we cannot wait  until 2020 when constructions begins to “fix” our problems.

 We need answers from the BTD on what is being done before 2019  as there will be an additional 20, 000  cars daily with the opening of the casino.

 Unfortunately the license for the Wynn Casio was issued with no clear traffic resolutions in sight. Throughout the licensing process for the Wynn Casino, traffic statistics and building projects and projections were presented to the BTD as well as countless other state agencies from many of us living in Charlestown.

 Our expectation and right, is that the BTD will provide us some concrete solutions to this overwhelming nightmare that will only get worse.

 The Charlestown community needs answers and help NOW not in 2020.

 Please try to attend this meeting and your offer input, ideas and concerns.

Ann Kelleher

Remembering Michael Cain

Dear Editor:

I write this letter to boster the effort to remember Michael Cain who passed away last July 2 of a heroin overdose. He celebrated his birthday two weeks earlier on June 18 and then was dead. Recently, Smokey Cain and I were talking and he mentioned “Michael’s Mission,’ a gathering to be held this July in memory of a life passed too soon in a struggle with the demons eating him up inside.

 Michael’s struggle was a shared struggle with those who loved him and hoped against hope, that his demons would be destroyed. They weren›t but in his death is also a chance to help so many other Michael Cains out there living in the twilight of their lives.

Please come by the Knights on July 7 starting at 7 p.m. to help raise needed funds for both the Charlestown Recovery House and the Charlestown Youth Football and cheerleading league.

Turn Michael’s death into Michael’s Mission. Help others fight back against their life’s struggles with demons.

 Michael›s family will never lose the pain of a lost life just beginning his life›s journey. They did the best they could and now in his memory want to help other families and  kids getting caught up in the darkness that life can bring to unlucky souls among us.

Help kids get involved in healthy and positive activities. Help those who end up in a recovery house recover. Be there. Do something. Doing nothing is not a human option.

 Start by going to the Knights. Stand with Smokey Cain and all the others who think actions speak louder than words. There will be music and probably dancing. It will all be for a good cause.

Party for hope. Party for life. Party for each other.

Sal Giarratani

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