Townie Tidbits

By Sal Giarratani


On Tuesday evening June 7, Peter Looney Park was packed to celebrate Peter Looney Night at the childrens’  park named in his honor. He passed away some four years ago now but he was there prior to his passing to see this park named in his honor.

 Peter was a friend of mine as he was of many. He was a hero even if he didn’t like that word being used about him. He was dedicated to Charlestown and concerned about the youth in the community. He saw the dangers out there and worked to  helping the community’s young make something of themselves. For him, it was Townie Pride.

The night dedicated in his honor was super. His friends and neighbors came out. The park itself was packed with young families with little kids having fun. Many of these young parents never knew Peter but they heard about him. Looking at all the little kids playing must have put a smile on Peter’s face up there in heavenly Charlestown.

Thank you to Smokey Cain for the great music and to Dennis Taylor singing the National Anthem.

Peter Looney was the star of his own show when the park was dedicated for him to see.

The plaque at the park’s entrance with a kid’s bike parked next to it. A metaphor

dedicated to my friend Peter.


Dermot Sparhawk is becoming pretty well known in the Town recently. After-all he is an adventurous kind of guy for a wannabe  private eye. Even his neighbor Spenser is thinking about hiring him. The half Indian or is that half-Indigenous Person is that good are cracking cases.

I found out later he was going over to the Public Library to listen to Tommy MacDonald talk about his new book, “The Revenge of Liam McGrew.” Sparhawk likes Tommy because he brought attention to how great Dermot thinks he is.

MacDonald always makes Sparhawk look like the super sleuth he believes he is. Nothing like being a legend in your own mind. We all should try it sometimes.

This past Thursday, June 9, Dermot and Tommy MacDonald met up at the branch library. By now most know what Tommy looks like with his food bank work down behind old St. Catherine’s but for a guy born and raised in Charlestown, Dermot remains an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

 I did have a chance to work with Dermot in his first murder case. We both went up to Main to find an old train station.

 I will be waiting to get a copy of this third Sparhawk murder mystery. I am curious  as to the fate of Liam McGrew. Will have to wait and read all about it. Methinks, the adventures of Dermot Sparhawk  would make a great Hollywood movie.

 For more information on MacDonald’s third novel, stop by Harvest on Vine with a few cans of food for the needy among us.

 I invited Tommy and Dermot to join me for a latte at Zumes. Still waiting to hear back.

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