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I found a great photo that shows just how bad last winter was. This year›s winter has been beautiful to date. Even with minus 9 degrees, if it gets followed in 24 hours by a 52 degree day, everything is fine with us.


Wynn Resorts ready to start construction later this spring is now postponing groundbreaking indefinitely due to objections to a key environmental permit by the City of Somerville just across the Mystic River from the project site.

Mayor Joe Curtatone described his challenge as standard procedure stating, “I’m not backing down …Any developer knows there are appeals.” Boston which has legally far more standing in any dispute with Wynn finally struck a deal with Wynn in January.

 I wonder isn›t Curtatone  the same guy Jeff Kuhner on WRKO has called “Joe Curtaphony’ over the mayor’s support for “Sanctuary City” status for illegals? Now he’s talking about the 18,000 cars that will travel to Everett’s casino. Isn’t that the same number of cars that Boston was talking about before reaching its deal to move things forward? We saw this argument before. Why is Somerville bringing it back?

Personally, I was not in support of the Everett casino being built in the first place on the Everett-Charlestown border at Dexter and Alford Streets but state officials moved it forward. Sometimes you have to know when to hold ‘em or fold ‘em  using the gambling rhetoric from Kenny Rodgers.

What does Somerville›s mayor want in return for his support? Is it just about money that is pushing «Curtaphony’ or is he really concerned about the environment?

You be the judge.


Last time I saw Howie Long on a TV commercial, he was pushing Chevy Truck commercial, so I was caught off guard seeing him selling toenail fungus medication.

 Howie was one of my favorite NFL players back in the day when he played for those big meanies on the Oakland Raiders. I am thinking. I had toenail fungus once just like Howie, does that mean I could have played football too? Also wondering, did he catch this malady from playing on the gridiron?


I read a really good commentary recently in the Hartford Sunday Courant by Hope McKay Rice from Enfield, CN. She talked about folks needing to give up their deadly silence when it comes to the spiraling out of control drug crisis. She says communities, individuals, parents, clergy and neighborhood activists need to get on the same page and stop denying what they are faced with pretending the issue doesn›t affect them because their kids don›t do drugs or at least that is what they want to believe.

There was one quote from her I wanted to pass on right here and now, “Once we are comfortable talking about the uncomfortable reality of what is happening to our youth”, we have to become proactive and “We can’t pretend everything’s fine when our kids are using drugs.”

«Our kids» aren›t just our own but everyone›s kids. We are on in on this life together for better and sadly for worse…

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