Walsh Announces Program to Help Seniors

Last week, Mayor Martin Walsh announed a new program that will help Charlestown seniors prepare for what is sure to be another harsh winter.

Walsh has launched ‘Senior Saves’, a new, proactive program that will help eligible seniors in Charlestown  replace failing or inefficient heating systems before winter begins.

“With a very difficult winter last year and fall fast approaching, we want to make sure our seniors are warm and safe this winter,” said Walsh. “Seniors living on fixed incomes may not always be able to afford important improvements to their heating systems. I’m proud that the City of Boston will be able to provide this additional resource for our residents.”

Charlestown seniors who replace their aging heating systems with new, energy efficient systems significantly lower their risks of heating emergencies during the winter, and will also see reductions in their energy bills, enabling them to expand their budgets for other necessities.

“This is an exciting new program from Mayor Walsh for Boston seniors,” said Commissioner of Affairs of the Elderly Emily Shea. “Every winter we hear from many people struggling to afford their rising heat bills and this program will help seniors save money and be warmer this winter.”

Shea said applications for the ‘Seniors Save’ program are currently available by contacting the Boston Home Center (BHC), by visiting the Department of Neighborhood Development’s website (www.cityofboston.gov/dnd) or by contacting one of the BHC’s partner senior agencies.

To qualify, income-eligible seniors in Charlestown must be 60 years of age or older and must be the occupants of a residential one-to-four family property or condominium in the neighborhood. The program is open to seniors whose income does not exceed 80 percent of median family income, as determined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Eligible homeowners will receive a $3,500 grant towards upgrades to their heating systems. Additional funding is available up to $10,000 in the form of a zero percent interest, deferred loan, which will only be payable on the sale of the property, a refinance or transfer of the title.

Once a senior citizen submits an application, BHC Construction Specialists will work with the homeowner on the scope of the project, and will help select a contractor from the BHC’s pre-approved, licensed and insured contractor list. A BHC Construction Specialist will then oversee the work from start to finish.

“This is a great program for seniors here in Charlestown and will help them make thier homes warm during the cold harsh winters here in Boston,” said City Councilor Sal LaMattina.

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