Okay Enough, We Set a New Record

Sunday night’s snowfall was enough to set a new record for snow accumulation in Boston in a single season. This winter will be something to tell our grandchildren as we will recount the bitter cold for days on end, the constant snow shoveling, the bags of rock salt that we bought to keep our sidewalks clear  (100 pounds and still counting), ice falling from roofs that smashed many car windshields and finally being able to move our cars that have been buried for almost two months.

For the first time in months, we witnessed some melting last week and this was exciting — this is a sad commentary that shows what constitutes as excitement in our life.  Our backyard actually has some bare spots and the snow that buried the rake has melted almost one foot.  Our dog’s snow park in our backyard will also become a memory as the snow that was shoveled from the roof  made mountains of almost eight feet tall that the dog just loved to either run up and down or burrow to make his hut.

As temperatures continue to rise and hopefully no more snow, the existing snow piles will continue to melt. Right now, there seems to be a lot of dog poop on the sidewalks from people who just did not pick up from the animals.  This poop is only the beginning of what maybe lurking in the snow piles.

City street cleaning will still not be happening for a few weeks and so we urge residents to start picking up the trash in front of their homes as the snow and ice start receding. The good news when street cleaning begins,  is not that you have to move  your car but that there will be almost double the amount of parking spaces that are currently in the neighborhood,

According to the calendar, Spring officially begins Friday and there is talk of more snow,  as that commercial from the 1970s said “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”

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