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Thank you

Dear Editor:

We appreciate Charlestown community’s support of our Twenty-Ninth Annual Halloween Parade on Friday night, October 31, 2014.  We are grateful for Mayor Marty Walsh, State Senator Sal DiDomenico, City Councilor Sal LaMattina, who are enthusiastic collaborators. The generosity of the residents of The Monument Square area and The Training Field is greatly appreciated.  Special thanks to Bill Foley, National Parks Service.

At The Bunker Hill Monument stairs, balloon sculptures danced over the thousands of trick-or-treaters who gathered to take pictures, receive their glow-in-the dark necklaces provided by the Charlestown Mothers Association who generously donated and assisted.  The Warren Prescott Choir and The Boston Latin School Step Squad enthralled the crowd with their remarkable performances.  Wizard Bruce Garr’s poem kicked off the parade as the trick or treaters marched with the Tony Barrie Marching Band.  We are grateful for the help of The Navy and Boys & Girls Club volunteers.  The Boston Police roadblock made us safe. DJ Dennis Taylor entertained the crowd. Seaport Campus made our colorful pumpkin heads.

The Cooperative Bank, led by Tom Coots and the TCB staff,  assisted by inspiring and tireless Doug Macdonald and his tireless team created “A Haunted but Not-Scary” Training Field. Pier 6 contributed to the Charlestown Pirates Cove, built by the creative George Morton and his pirate crew and decorated by Michele Valle. Bright Horizons donated generously and provided Bright Horizon blinking lights for the children safety. The Whole Foods backdrop was a big success.  Diabolis in Musica with Charlestown’s Sioux Gerard and DJ Smokey Cain’s music moved  little and big feet with rhythm.

Halloween at Monument Square and The Training Field provides lifelong memories for Charlestown’s children, families, and friends.

We appreciate the support of:

  The Honorable Mayor Martin J Walsh

 State Senator Sal DiDomenico

 City Councilman Sal La Mattina

 Charlestown Neighborhood Liaison Tom McKay

 Charlestown Neighborhood Council Dave Whelan

 The Monument Square Neighborhood Association

 The Friends of The Training Field

 Boston Police Department

 The National Park Service and NPS Bill Foley and Dave Whittle

 The US Navy and USS Constitution

 The City Hall to Go, Danielle Valle Fitzgerald

 The Charlestown Mother’s Association

 Charlestown Against Drugs, CHAD

 The Cooperative Bank, Tom Coots and The TCB Team

 Doug Macdonald and The Not So Scary Team

 Boston Portfolio Properties, LLC

 Bright Horizons

 Pier 6

 George Morton and The Charlestown Pirates

 Whole Foods

 Legal Seafood Oysteria

 Diabolis in Musica

 Warren Prescott Choir

 Boston Latin School Step Squad

 Seaport Academy

 The Boys & Girls Club

 Bruce Garr, The Monument Square Wizard

 Tony Barrie Marching Band

 Ed Katz and Pat Murphy

 Diversified Automotive

 Bunker Hill Associates

 Friends of The Navy Yard

 Navy Yard Bistro

 Peabody Properties


 Mr Ron, Spunky the Clown and Peter Panic for entertainment

 H. David Hennessey, Monument Square Treasurer

 James Hauser, The Friends of The Training Field Treasurer

 Disc Jockeys Dennis Taylor and Smokey Cain

 Michael Tognarelli

 Frank Celeste

 Kelly Garvey Pelligrini

 The Good Shephard

 Ross Photographer

 Jennifer Rossi, Rebecca Love, Suzanne Crowther, Tracey Lavin, Shannon Fitzgerald, Natalia Parker

 Susan Roche, Katherine Sipolt, , Karen Colombosian, Suraj Krishnamurthi, Stephanie Rivkind,

 Stephen Tucker, Janet Logan, Dave Fortunato, Ingrid Parnell, John Conforti and John Conforti,

 Michele Valle, Jane Phillipi, Ivey St John, Patience Bundshuh,  Edward & Linda Kennedy,

 Logan Condo Association, Cheryl Norton, Kevin Joyce, Mark Swab, Tighe Smith,

 30 Monument Square, Susan Bokan, and Erin Barry

and other generous donors who help create this great Charlestown tradition for young and old, from all groups. The cooperation and generosity of the community has been overwhelming.

Thank you to all for your willingness to make Halloween in Charlestown “The Best in Boston.”


Diane Valle

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