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Joe Zuffante from the Abraham Lincoln,Post 11, GAR just informed me that on this coming Sunday, April 27, there will be a Charlestown Civil War  Remembrance at 12 pm at Memorial Hall on Green Street.

Guest speaker will be Paul Kenworth of the Salem Zouavesi, a civil war re-enactment ground who will be speaking on historical details of the Civil War. Following his speech, the Connecticut Brigade Band will perform musical pieces of that era. The music part of the program should begin at 1 pm. A reading of the Charlestown Dead in the American Civil War will follow.

The event will then proceed to the Training Field where  a wreath will be placed at the Civil War Memorial. To be thanked for putting this community event together are the Abraham Lincoln Post11, the James Conway, Post 26, A.L. and the Charlestown Historical Society.

Why not stop up at Memorial Hall at noon and enjoy a great day of history.


Recently, picked up a copy of the latest Boston Seniority magazine and as I flipped through it, I came upon a great photo of Fl rence Johnson with Emily J. Shea from the Commission on Affairs of the Elderly taken back around Thanksgiving. A great photo of FloJo as usual. She never took a bad photo.


Back in the 30s one of my Irish uncles, George Harrington my mother’s twin brother saw himself as a Charlestown boxer. He loved the ring and wasn’t that bad. However, his mom, my grandmother didn’t like the art of boxing and Uncle George had to keep it a secret from her. Thank God there wasn’t TV back then.

I had another uncle Jim Callahan. He and  Uncle George shared the same mother. My Uncle George fault under the alias “Jimmy Callahan” to fool his mother. I think my grandfather knew what the two of them were up to but he never told my grandma that these two boys of hers were attempting to hide things from their ma.

I found a great old photo taken up on the roof of the old YMCA building in City Square showing my Uncle George posing for a photo op. From the look of his age, the photo probably goers back to about 1931.

My Uncle George never told me about his boxing career but from the look in the old photo he must have thought he was pretty hot. I laugh when I look at his boxing trunks with “JC” on them.

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