Heading to Charlestown

CT1Two riders from the Massachusetts National Lancers playing Paul Revere (Sgt. Christopher Tobin) and William Dawes (Major James DiCarlo) leave the North End on Sunday evening getting ready to head to Charlestown for the re-enactment of Paul Revere’s ride. The annual Paul Revere’s ride re-enactment takes place at the USS Constitution Museum in Charlestown and coincides with the Old North Church’s Lantern Hanging Ceremony. It was the 239th year for the coordinated re-enactment, which included a ride on Monday from the area to Lexington. The Paul Revere rider leaves from Charlestown after coming over from the North End, and the William Dawes rider leaves from Roxbury. The honorary lantern hanger at the Old North Church this year was Roseann Sdoia, a North End resident who lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombing one year ago.

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