Four Candidates Running for “Mayor of Charlestown”

Four candidates have submitted nomination papers and are currently out soliciting votes for the prestigious office of “Mayor of Charlestown.”

This race, sponsored by the Townie Association, and organized by the Mayor of Charlestown Committee, allows the candidates to “buy” votes, with each vote granting the buyer a chance to win a grand prize of $500.00.

The four candidates seeking the office of “Mayor” are: Dave DelMedico of Tufts Street, Kelliegh Harrington of Old Ironsides Way, Teri Muscarella of Dunstable Street, and Mike Sullivan of Ferrin Street.

Whoever wins the honorary title of “Mayor of Charlestown” will win a trip to Ireland, for two and will represent Charlestown for an entire year, participating in various community events and volunteer activities in the neighborhood.

The winner of the 2014 “Mayor of Charlestown” race will succeed 2013 “Mayor” Shannon Lundin. The 2014 “Mayor” will be announced at the Night Before/Chief Marshals Banquet on Friday, June 13 at the Knights of Columbus. Candidates have until June 12 to sell ballots in their name. The winner will also march in the 2014 Battle of Bunker Hill Parade.

Each ballot cost $1.00. You can vote however many times for as many candidates you would like. You do not have to live or be from Charlestown to vote. To “vote” contact the candidate:

Dave DelMedico (857) 615-1872

Kelliegh Harrington (617) 233-5813

Teri Muscarella (617) 242-2682

Mike Sullivan (781) 228-0161

Proceeds from the Mayor of Charlestown race benefit the Townie Association Inc.

Timeline of Mayor’s of Charlestown:

1983: Lillian Boutilier

1984: Marty O’Brien Sr.

1985: James O’Brien

1986: Joe Crilley

1987: Jim Fitzgerald

1988: Claire Lynch

1989: Renie Murphy

1990: Flo Johnson

1991: Linda Howell

1992: Pat Hardy

1993: Erin Sullivan

1994: Michelle Cannizzaro

1995: Tom Donohue


1997: Patty Kelley

1998: Debbie Lang

2013: Shannon Lundin

Townie Triva: Can you name the Charlestown Rose for each Mayor?

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