Capturing the Spirit: Commemorative Boston Strong Painting at Spaulding

Standing in front of Brian Fox's painting are members of the Boston Police Force and standing from left Steve Pagliuca, Boston Celtics; Brian Fox; Marathon Survivor Heather Abbott and Melida Arrendondo (far right). Kneeling is Carlos Arrendondo.

Standing in front of Brian Fox’s painting are members of the Boston Police Force and standing from left Steve Pagliuca, Boston Celtics; Brian Fox; Marathon Survivor Heather Abbott and Melida Arrendondo (far right). Kneeling is Carlos Arrendondo.

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital hosted a dedication reception on Thursday, April 3 at the hospital’s flagship location in Charlestown, where 32 of the Boston Marathon bombing survivors went for rehabilitative care and many still come for outpatient care and support.  Survivors, first responders, families, clinicians, corporate leaders and local celebrities such as former New England Patriot Matt Light, New England Patriot Rob Ninkovich and Kevin Chapman of CBS’ Person of Interest joined together for an exclusive unveiling of the powerful painting “Endurance” donated to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital by celebrity artist, Brian Fox. The marathon prelude event honored the perseverance of survivors and their families, celebrated Boston Strong, recognized Spaulding’s expertise and showcased Fox’s tribute piece.

Long-time Boston Marathon commentator and WBZ-TV News Anchor, Lisa Hughes emceed the ceremony. David E. Storto, President of Partners Continuing Care and Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, marathon survivor Heather Abbott and Steve Pagliuca, Boston Celtics Managing General Partner, a Bain Capital Managing Director, and ONE Fund supporter offered remarks and individual perspectives as we approach the one year anniversary of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Marathon survivor Heather Abbott said to the attendees, “I can’t tell you how much this piece means to me and will mean to the others who lost their limbs last April. It truly represents what happened to us and how far we have all come.  It is a true symbol of our resilience, the City’s support and our collective ability to ‘cross the finish line’. When others come through the doors of Spaulding feeling down and hopeless this painting will remind them hope exists.”

It was also announced that signed limited edition prints are available for purchase at Proceeds from the purchase will go towards Spaulding’s Race for Rehab Marathon team which raises money to support Spaulding’s care and research programs. This year’s Spaulding team has over 100 members many of whom cared for marathon survivors and are running in their honor. For more information or to support the team visit

Storto announced, “We are thrilled that Brian Fox has donated the “Endurance” piece to Spaulding. His captivating painting not only honors a significant event in Boston history and the motivational Boston Strong attitude, it reinforces Spaulding’s “Find Your Strength” messaging that we share with patients, families and practitioners on a daily basis, in all our locations. Prior to contacting us, Brian was unaware of the extensive, therapeutic art collection at our new waterfront facility.  He simply, and selflessly, was motivated to honor the survivors and the city with his creative abilities – and wanted to be sure his painting lives on in a space devoted to Boston Marathon survivors. Brian Fox’s enduring gift will inspire patients and staff as they work toward healthier outcomes.”

Fall River-based Brian Fox is a tremendous talent best known for his iconic portrait of the New England Patriots pointing towards the heavens and the initials MHK, a tribute to Myra Kraft. The local artist talent has captured sports and entertainment greats including Tom Brady, Steven Tyler, Bono, Matt Light, Mark Wahlberg, Micky Ward, Curt Shilling and Jerry Remy. Fox has done work for Disney, Major League Baseball, the NHL and corporate leaders, and his paintings have been showcased in Boston, New York and Los Angeles galleries. The well-connected, unassuming painter explains, “I felt compelled to capture this heartbreaking moment in history and honor the incredible spirit of the survivors, the city of Boston and the running community. “Endurance” was a labor of love and I cannot think of a better recipient for this gift than Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.”

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