Let’s Work Together to Improve Our Futures

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining Mayor Martin Walsh and many residents of Charlestown to discuss a historic opportunity on the Everett side of our shared harbor.

It has been clear to me for many years, since I first walked the streets of Charlestown as a candidate for State Senate in 2002, that our communities share many of the same hopes, goals and values – perhaps even more so than Charlestown shares with many parts of Boston.

I, like you, envision a harbor that replaces the old, tired industrial uses that spew noise, pollution and unsightly views into our neighborhoods. Since I came to office in 2008, it has been my goal to transform that part of Everett and lead our region into the next step of our evolution. We are working hard – speaking with Everett residents and business owners, evaluating and planning – to find a way to take parts of Everett that have not lived up to their potential and realize their highest and best uses. The main component of this revitalization is the remediation and redevelopment of the site formally occupied by a chemical manufacturer – one that has long since been forgotten and forsaken by those that poisoned it. Fixing this site and healing the environmental hazards of that site should be a goal shared by every community in our region, not just Everett.

Through our efforts, we were contacted in the fall of 2012 by Wynn Resorts, who took notice of the site and its potential, and of the potential of being a partner to the Boston region. Since our first discussions, I have been encouraged by Wynn’s attention to detail, especially when it comes to the cleanup and remediation of the site itself. Despite the mistruths that are being spread regarding the cleanup of the site, I am fully confident that it will be cleaned up adequately, safely and in full accordance with every law on the books. As the Mayor of Everett, I will ensure it.

Perhaps the number one concern I have heard in Charlestown as well as Everett regarding the project lies with traffic. More than any other community, Everett shares the concerns and frustrations of Sullivan Square with our neighbors in Charlestown, as it is our only direct route in to and out of the region’s economic hub, Boston. What happens to Sullivan Square affects us all – and any future redesign or reconstruction of that critical area, with or without Wynn will affect both our communities for decades to come.

What I heard from my neighbors in Charlestown was a message of shared hope and willingness to improve our collective futures – to clean up the waterfront, restore vital access to natural resources and alleviate traffic pressures in Sullivan Square. It has been clear to me, as I hope it becomes clear to you, that Wynn Everett can help make these goals a reality and continue to strengthen the positive ties between Everett and Charlestown. I am honored by the strong working relationship I have with Mayor Walsh, and I am committed to working hard with him and the people of Charlestown to find the best solutions to our collective challenges.

Carlo DeMaria is the current Mayor for the City Everett.

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