Police Briefs 03-14-2013

Larceny – Over $200

03/05/13 – At about 1 a.m., officers responded to Tangierino on Main Street for a larceny in progress.

Upon arrival, a manager informed police that two suspects had fled the establishment with one of the  “hookah” brass water-pipes used in the restaurant.

A witness remembered the first names of the suspects, and detectives were also scheduled to review footage from on-site security cameras.


03/08/13 – As a result of a drug investigation on Corey Street, an individual was placed under arrest for an outstanding Chelsea Court warrant charging assorted motor-vehicle violations.

Harassing Phone Calls

03/08/13 – A victim on Harvard Street reported she had received a call from an unknown person who stated she was in default on a loan and needed to pay $900 over the phone to correct the matter or a subpoena for her arrest would be issued.

The victim informed the caller, who refused to give any more information, that she had no outstanding loans and would contact her attorney. At that time, the suspect hung up.

The victim received more calls from the suspect’s number, but she did not answer.


03/10/13 – A victim on Main Street reported while she was in a local bar, someone took his cell phone. When the phone was called, it rang in another patron’s pocket. The suspect initially denied having the phone, but eventually produced it.

Police arrived on scene, and the suspect was placed under arrest.

Indecent Assault and Battery

03/10/13 – A victim on Third Avenue reported an unknown male entered her room and indecently assaulted her. The suspect then removed $600 from the victim’s purse before fleeing.

Video surveillance will be checked, and the Sexual Assault Unit is investigating the incident.

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