Deplorable, Rotting Pier 8 Needs Major Repairs

Boston City Councillor Sal LaMattina is absolutely right to begin the process before the Conservation Commission which could lead to a $25,000 a day fine for the owner of Pier 8. Unless Martin Oliner begins rehabilitating the rotting wooden pier, the Commission will likely vote to fine him at the request of LaMattina at their next meeting which is scheduled for October 17.

Despite repeated efforts to have Mr. Oliner repair the pier, which was once a wonderful walkway in the Navy Yard, he has refused to take heed or to make repairs.

We support the effort of Councillor LaMattina to hold Mr. Oliner responsible for the rotting pier and to warn him as well that the dangerous conditions which now exist are a public hazard.

In fact, a Navy Yard resident recently fell on the pier and required stitches to close up her cut.

The Friends of the Navy Yard are also up in arms over Oliber’s inaction.

The Pier 8 Harbor Walk is one of the premier reasons the Navy Yard has panache.

But a rotten Harbor Walk is all about danger and not about sight seeing.

Mr. Oliner needs to act or to explain why he refuses to act.

He should do this soon, before he is fined.

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