Campatelli Wins Primary; Hennigan, Too

Patti Campatelli of East Boston won election to the Register of Probate position defeating Charlestown’s Boston City Councillor Sal LaMattina. LaMattina carried Charlestown. However, in the other neighborhoods of Boston, Campatelli scored very well and ended up with a 500 vote margin of victory out of nearly 30,000 votes cast.

The vote was 13,779 for Campatelli versus 12,980 for LaMattina.

Campatelli has worked for the state in the legal justice system for most of her professional career.

In other balloting of interest to Charlestown voters, Maura Hennigan, the incumbent Criminal Clerk of the Suffolk Superior Court was easily re-elected. The Jamaica Plain resident and former city councilor beat the North End’s Robert Dello Russo, a former assistant clerk of the court by almost 8000 votes.

The vote was 19,195 for Hennigan versus 11,321 for Dello Russo.

In local voting Sal LaMattina received 824 votes and Patty Campatelli received 191 votes.

Maura Hanningan received 591 votes and Robert Dello Russo received 392 votes.

Political analysts believe women voters made the difference in a big way in both these elections.

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