Police Briefs 08-09-2012


08/02/12 – Officers in the area of Star King Court placed an individual under arrest for violation of a no-trespass order.

Assault and Battery

08/03/12 – At about 1 a.m., officers in the area of Main Street and Monument Avenue responded to a call for a fight. The victim informed officers that while walking down the street, a white male approached him and punched him in the face. The victim further stated that a friend who came to his aid was also punched. The suspects then fled the area. Both victims were transported to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment of a head injury and a lacerated elbow respectively.

Investigate Property

08/03/12 – At about 10 a.m., officers in the area of 13th Street observed blood on the pavement and more splattered on two cars. At that time, no victim could be found, nor were any calls placed to the police. Area detectives and members of the Crime Scene Unit and Crime Lab were called to the scene.

Investigate Person

08/05/12 – At about 5 p.m., officers were called to Ninth Street for a disturbance. A victim told officers while at home, he saw four white males on his deck, looking into his home. The four teens then jumped off the deck into the water. The suspects then left the area prior to the arrival of police.

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