Welcome Hubway

Charlestown will shortly benefit from the bicycle boom being shepherded by Mayor Menino and Boston City Hall.

Notwithstanding questions about where exactly the new locations should be, there will be two new locations here, and this is good news.

The city will also be designating lanes on major streets as bicycle lanes – and this, too, comes as good news.

It is good news because every effort that is made to cut down on automobile traffic aids in the fight against pollution and for cleaner air.

There is also a positive health factor which accrues from riding a bicycle and getting exercise.

In addition, the bicycle rental option allows for tourists and residents to bicycle through Boston’s funkiest neighborhoods, which includes Charlestown, so the bikers can visit historical sites, taste of food and get a closer look at the neighborhood than by driving through it or wasting time and precious travel funds finding a place to park.

Then they can either bring the bicycle back to the place where they originally rented it or leave it off at another location.

Bottom line, Hubway has become a real time, first class venture.

Its arrival here is welcome.

Watch soon for the bicycle racks which will be located at Main and Austin Street and at Warren and Chelsea Street.

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