Neighborhood Council Deadlocked on Hubway Bicycle Location

Hubway’s plans to place two new bicycle rental locations in Charlestown was the cause for a bit of discussion earlier this week before the Charlestown Neighborhood Council.

The Council questioned the efficacy of the second planned location and in the end, refused to OK it.

The planned location at the corner of Warren and Chelsea Streets was perceived as a potential problem by the Council which said the two sites were not perfect.

Also, efforts are going to be made by the Council to have Hubway expand their membership program in all of its aspects and to properly advertise the program when it finally starts up here.

The Hubway location has been allowed by the Council at Main and Austin Streets.

A petition drive by a local resident has been started to get Hubway here next month.

For information on that petition, go to”

On-line comments about the issue revealed a wide variety of comments from a small number of local residents.

Some were amazed the Council didn’t just pass the measure. Others complained about the issue as a tempest in a teapot not worthy of much discussion and yet others seemd to believe that location changes were necessary.

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