House Passes Transportion Financing Bill for MBTA

State Representative Eugene L. O’Flaherty, joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives recently in passing legislation that closes the MBTA’s gap for the upcoming fiscal year and provides vital assistance to the regional transit authorities.

“I’m pleased that the House is aiding the MBTA through this legislation in order to offset debt and prevent further fare hikes in the immediate future,” said Chairman O’Flaherty. “I look forward to the outcome of the Massport feasibility study reports, as it is anticipated that findings will show additional cost-saving opportunities for public transit and I will continue to work to preserve the Charlestown ferry service .”

The legislation, however, did not stop the T from instituting fare increases which went into effect two weeks ago and constitutes a 23 percent hike.

No services were cut in Charlestown.  This legislation O’Flahertty voted for first transfers $1.5 million in excess snow and ice removal funds to the regional transit authorities as supplemental assistance and also authorizes a one-time transfer of a total of $51 million from the Motor Vehicle Inspection Trust Fund to the MBTA and to the regional transit authorities for preventative maintenance expenses. This bill also increases fare evasion fines, which will provide additional aid to the transportation system.

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