Domino’s Request Goes to City Hall: CNC Against Main Street Location

In early June, the Charlestown Neighborhood Council went on record in opposition to a Domino’s Pizza for an empty store at 277 Main Street.

The council voted 9-4 against supporting the proposal, which was brought before the council by Boston businessman Rob Rivard.

Mr. Rivard, at the time, predicted 18-20 employees would be hired for the Domino’s location and that it would take approximately $200,000 to build out the space and keep to code requirements.

Mr. Rivard owns a Domino’s in the North End. That Domino’s has been delivering to the Charlestown neighborhood for 20 years, according to Mr. Rivard.

Mr. Rivard was scheduled to appear before Boston licensing officials Wednesday evening at Boston City Hall.

However it is believed that the vote of the Neighborhood Council, and the strong indication the council gave that a Domino’s was not welcome, will be the deciding factor in the outcome of the Licensing meeting.

Bill Mohan, a consultant for the Domino’s chain said the North End Domino’s makes 300 deliveries to Charlestown each month.

He also said he did not expect a Domino’s on Main Street to disrupt traffic or life on Main Street.

Council President Tom Cunha said he is against the Domino’s coming to the Main Street location.

“Why there? Why now?” he asked.

Consultant Mohan said the bulk of the business would be take-out, that there would be three delivery vehicles used mainly late at night.

He told Cunha that Domino’s had been looking throughout the neighborhood for a location but that the Main Street location was deemed the most acceptable, especially when others had been so hard to find.

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