Police Briefs 04-12-2012

Attempted Robbery

04/03/12 – A victim reported at about 9 p.m., he was walking on First Avenue, where a group of males and females approached him. Two of the males came up behind him and demanded his possessions while punching him. The victim fled to a nearby store. Officers were able to locate several of the suspects, but the victim could not identify the individuals that assaulted him. All parties were given a FIO (Field Intelligence Observation).

Attempted Breaking and Entering

04/04/12 – A victim on Cordis Street stated at about 11:30 a.m., she heard loud noises coming from the rear of her home. Upon checking, she observed an open window and a white male running from its toward the backyard. The suspect didn’t gain entry into the home. Officers searched the area for the suspect to no avail.

Assault and Battery 

04/04/12 – A victim on Main Street stated while walking, she was approached by a white female, who began to punch her before fleeing the area. As a result of the subsequent investigation, the suspect was identified. Complaints will be sought in Charlestown Court.

Larceny in a Building 

04/02/12 – A victim on Dunstable Street reported between 11 p.m. and midnight, unknown person(s) removed a video game system and a computer from her home.  The matter is under investigation.

Warrant Arrest 

04/05/12 – An officer on Tufts Street placed an individual under arrest for outstanding warrants out of Brockton and New Bedford courts.

Possession of Burglarious Tools 

04/06/12 – As a result of an investigation on Ferrin Street, an individual was placed under arrest for possession of burglarious tools. The suspect also had in his possession a DVD player, as well as copper pipes. This individual also fit the description of the suspect who had fled the scene of an attempted breaking and entering on Cordis Street a few days earlier. Detectives are investigating.


04/06/12 – As a result of a drug investigation in the area of Medford Street, a suspect was placed under arrest for possession of a Class B substance with intent to distribute.


04/05/12 – As a result of a drug investigation on Rutherford Avenue, a suspect was placed under arrest for possession of a Class B substance.

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