Good luck, Captain O’Rourke

Captain Bernie O’Rourke is know local for doing the right thing nearly every time when it came to Charlestown having a problem in the law and order department.

At every juncture or every moment of everyday, Captain O’Rourke was ever the gentleman/professional police officer who knew what exactly to do to make things right if they were wrong and to improve situations if they were going askew.

Last week, it was announced that Captain O’Rourke had received a promotion and that he was named a Deputy Superintendent of the Boston Police Department.

This doesn’t come as a surprise for Captain O’Rourke is the type of police officer headed for the highest ranges of leadership because of his intelligence and his knowledge and his manner.

He isn’t really leaving us, so to speak, even though he has gone to headquarters.

At headquarters, he will have a greater hand in the leadership of the department overall and he’ll always be able to add his words to any debates great or small about problems in Charlestown, great or small.

On behalf of a grateful residential population in this neighborhood who was always appreciative of the initiative and leadership Captain O’Rourke always showed, we wish him the best in his new position.

Headquarter’s gain is Charlestown’s loss in this instance.

He was a one of kind type of man with a good heart and a real interest in people.

He will be missed.

It is very difficult to replace Captain O’Rourke.

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