Police Briefs 03-01-2012

Violation of the Auto Laws

02/20/12 – As a result of a traffic stop on Main Street, an individual was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license. The suspect was also wanted on three outstanding default warrants – one from Quincy District Court, another from Boston Municipal Court and a third from Chelsea District Court. 

Robbery – Firearm

02/21/12 – Officers responded to Parker Street, where a victim reported that he was just robbed by three black males, one of whom brandished a black handgun. The victim also stated that the suspects had fled in three different directions. As a result of the subsequent investigation, one of the suspects was located and positively identified by the victim as being one of the men who had robbed him. The suspect was taken into custody and will be charged accordingly. The investigation is ongoing.

Breaking and Entering– Residence

02/22/12 – A victim on 13th Street reported that she returned home to find her apartment door, which she had locked when she left, was now unlocked. It was unknown at the time of the report if anyone entered or if anything was taken.

Robbery – Attempt

02/23/12 – A victim told officers that while walking by West School and Main streets, three males – all of whom were wearing hooded sweatshirts pulled tight around their faces – approached her.

One of the suspects said, “Give me the bag, [expletive].”

At that time, another suspect punched her in the stomach. The victim fell to the ground, still clutching her handbag. The suspects then fled the area towards Green Street. A search of the area was conducted to no avail, although the incident may have been captured on exterior cameras located in the area.

Violation of the Auto Laws

02/24/12  – As a result of a motor vehicle stop on Walford Way, an individual was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle on with a suspended license.

Larceny in a Building

02/24/12 – A victim on Tibbetts Town Way stated unknown person(s) stole her glass patio table from in front of her home. 


02/25/12 – As a result of a drug investigation in the area of Concord Street, a suspect was placed under arrest and charged with possession of a Class B substance.

Breaking and Entering – Residence

02/26/12 – A victim on Prescott Street told officers when she returned home she saw the rear glass door to her home was ajar. The victim believed the door was left open. Various electronics and assorted jewelry were taken from the home.

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