Community Appreciation Awards Ceremony Scheduled for April 27

The 21st Annual Charlestown Appreciation Awards Ceremony will take place on Friday, April 27, 2012 at the new Knights of Columbus Hall, 545 Medford Street. Charlestown.  Cocktail hour begins at 6:30 p.m.

Dinner will be served at 7:30 pm, with the Awards Ceremony to follow at 8:30 p.m.

The purpose of the Awards’ Ceremony is to recognize those who have helped enrich the quality of life in Charlestown, but have done so in such a manner that their deeds have gone unheralded and, in the most cases, unknown to the general public.

The Committee is looking for nominations for the 2012 award recipinets in the following categories:

ORGANIZATION: Incorporated non-profit, Charlestown-based group that primarily serves Charlestown and whose goals are geared toward the betterment of the community.

BUSINESS: Charlestown-based business that supports and enhances the quality of life in the Charlestown community.

PUBLIC SERVANT: Person who performs service within his/her job capacity but goes beyond that job

description in service to the betterment of the Charlestown community.

NEW RESIDENT: Person who has taken up residency in Charlestown and whose deeds have contributed to the quality of Charlestown life.

SENIOR: Charlestown resident, 55 years of age or older as of Jan. 1, 2012, whose deeds have gone unheralded.

YOUTH: Charlestown resident, 18 years of age or younger as of Jan. 1, 2012, whose deeds have gone unheralded.

ALUMNUS: Former resident who has not forgotten their roots and whose actions enhance the quality of life in Charlestown.

UNSUNG HERO: Charlestown resident whose deeds have been performed within the community and has gone publicly unrecognized.  These deeds resulted in the enhancement of the quality of life in Charlestown but cannot have been performed as part of his/her job performance.  There is no age restriction for this category.

To submit a nomination, forward a 100 words or less description to include name of award, name, address and phone of both the person being nominated and person submitting the nomination to: Charlestown Community Appreciation Awards, P.O. Box 316, Charlestown, MA 02129 or email to: CharlestownAppreciation [email protected].

Deadline for the nominations is March 9!  For more information, tickets, or to have a nomination form sent to you, call Kathy Giordano at 617-242-1332.

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