Sarah Coughlin Joins CSAC as Youth Prevention Director

Sarah Coughlin

Sarah Coughlin, LICSW, the former District Based Clinical Social Worker for Youth Connect in Charlestown, recently joined the Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition (CSAC) as Youth Prevention Director.

In her new position, Sarah oversees all aspects of implementing the All Stars and LifeSkills Curricula in the Warren Prescott and the Clarence Edwards Schools in Charlestown. She also will help run all of CSAC’s Youth Prevention efforts and activities. Currently she is recruiting Charlestown parents and their youth to participate in a survey that will help to create an online resource for parents on how to communicate with your youth around challenging subjects such as substance abuse.

“CSAC is pleased to have someone of Sarah’s skills and background working with our youth in Charlestown,” said CSAC Director Beth Rosenshein. “Sarah knows the Charlestown community well and appreciates CSAC’s efforts to provide a safe and health environment for all of its residents.”

The Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition (CSAC) is a program of the MGH Center for Community Health Improvement.

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