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If a parent has any info/photo of their child participating in a sports or recreational activity (elementary school, high school, college, or otherwise), please E-Mail me at [email protected] and I will be sure to include the info/photo in a column.  I’d also love to hear about any honor roll students or scholar athletes, or just about any story which would recognize the accomplishments of past and present “Townies.”

Little League news

Congratulations to coaches Tom Ward, Paul Wrenn, Al Carrier and the Charlestown Little Leaguers for capturing the 2011 Dorchester Pacitti Cup championship.  After a slaughter-rule win in their first encounter, the “Townies” rode a late-game Jake Scanlon grand slam to topple Quincy 6-4 to reach the title game.  And what a game it was.  A clutch, game-winning RBI single by catcher Sean Wrenn in the bottom of the eleventh inning gave Charlestown a 3-2 victory over a gutsy South Boston team.  “Townie” pitcher Israel “Izzy” Vega was named the Pacitti Cup MVP.   Members of the Charlestown team include Daniel Settipani, Chris Tucker, Colin Sullivan, Michael Ward, Sahdat Arroyo, Sean Wrenn, Israel Vega, Jake Scanlon, Patrick Sicotte, Brennan Carrier and Patrick Kelly.

Charlestown also fared well in the prestigious Medford Invitational Tournament (MIT), which features some of the best Little League teams in Massachusetts.  The tournament directors did a sensational job of providing entertainment for both the players and spectators alike.

“Townies” Aislinn Carrier and Jean McGonagle were awarded first and second place respectively in the MIT Hula-Hoop contest.  Visit the Charlestown Little League website at–l-l for the latest information about the program.

Whiffle ball tourney

A CHAD-sponsored whiffle ball tournament will be held at Doherty Playground (Bunker Hill Pool) on Saturday, Aug. 27 and Sunday, Aug. 28.  There will be a $30 entry fee per team, and there are no age restrictions.  Co-ed teams are encouraged and the goal is to field 32 teams for a double-elimination format.  Anyone interested in submitting a roster can contact John Collier at 617-401-6254.

Howie Long dedication ceremony

A dedication ceremony honoring former Oakland Raider and NFL Hall of Famer Howie Long will be held at the Charlestown Boys and Girls Club on Wednesday, Sept. 7.  A special plaque, which highlights Long’s outstanding football career, will be on permanent display and recognize him as one of our hometown heroes.  For further information, please contact Greg Jackson or John Killoran at 617-242-1775.


The terrible disease of addiction, and the accompanying heartbreak and sorrow, is well-known by far too many families in our community.  Like cancer, or even Alzheimer’s and dementia, drug and alcohol abuse is all around us and anyone can become enslaved to addiction’s lethal grip.

As a parent, I know my children will observe, or be enticed by, those who abuse alcohol and sell or use illicit drugs; it is a fact of Charlestown life.  I must be extremely pro-active in helping my kids recognize and understand the danger and consequences of habitual drug and alcohol use.

The most prevalent at-risk groups for addiction are, clearly, teenagers and young adults.  The carnage and collateral damage resulting from addiction are most often centered on young people who have the world in front of them but are unable to free themselves from this demon.  How many sensational “Townie” athletes or hard-working students and “good kids” have had their lives ruined because of peer pressure to use drugs and alcohol?  In a perfect world, an addict will voluntarily seek help to end their insidious routine; however, intervention by a loved one oftentimes becomes necessary.

To the drug dealers who are culpable for fueling an addict’s habit – some of whom are their friends, and to the teenagers and young adults who turn to “recreational” drug and alcohol use because of a general malaise or unhappy home life, there is hope.  You don’t have to look far to see a plethora of shining examples of people who have overcome addiction and understand that it is a life-long battle.  Their “been there, done that” experience is a tremendous resource to reach out to.

A person who overcomes the hopelessness of addiction and finds a purpose in living a happy, productive life is a story that needs to be told over and over again to as many young people as possible.  The road to redemption can be truly inspiring.

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