Dr. Domenic Amara Becomes Superintendent for BPS Middle Schools

Dr. Domenic Amara

The Warren-Prescott School Community is proud and saddened that Dr. Domenic Amara has been appointed as the Boston Public Schools’ Academic Superintendent for K-8/Middle School.  Amara served as the Principal at the Warren-Prescott for 21 years.

He has led the school through major transformations with his “Persist & Prevail” motto.  He leaves a legacy of milestones that have changed the face of the Charlestown community and the lives of the children and families who have walked through the doors of the Warren-Prescott. He always tried to reach beyond the status quo for public education to not only innovate and implement new ideas, but to find ways to sustain, expand and enhance the best practices, by expanding his resource pool to the community, grants and fundraising.

Amara is known for having an open-door policy that has welcomed the community to collaborate with the school.  He has fostered partnerships with The Boys & Girls Club, MGH, Charlestown Lacrosse Learning Center, The U.S. Navy, Courageous Sailing, Bunker Hill Community College, Zelma Lacey, Charlestown High School, The Community Center, Hammond Real Estate, MIT, UMass, the Italian Consulate and many other organizations.  More importantly he transformed the school by welcoming families who are seeking quality public education and are willing to work together as part of the “village”.

Amara is loved and respected by the nearly 500 K-8 students at the Warren Prescott.  His loyal staff of more than 60 teachers and support staff will miss his leadership and friendship.  Over the years, parents who have teamed with Amara have learned how to make a difference in public education, taking leadership of many special projects and ongoing programs, including building a playground and a learning garden, to bringing art, band and technology into the curriculum.

Amara’s legacy includes the Warren Prescott Foundation which he established in 2005 as an independent 501(c)(3) charitable trust to fund educational projects and enrichment programs from the interest on the endowment fund.  This innovative approach to sustainability of new programs is the first in the country for a single public elementary school.

The Warren-Prescott School Community is deeply grateful to Amara for his vision for high-quality, sustainable public education that instills a love for learning in our children and builds our citizens for tomorrow.  They wish Dr. Amara the best in his new role as BPS Academic Superintendent which begins July 1.

Dr. Domenic Amara’s Milestones at the Warren-Prescott

Amara’s  passion, innovation and perseverance coupled with his commitment to parent and community partnerships are evidenced in the legacy of milestones that mark his profound career a the Warren-Prescott.

1990       Becomes Principal of Warren-Prescott School

1992       1st Warren-Prescott School/Parent Council created

1996       $200,000 Pearl Street Playground renovation

1998       MIT Fellowship and Collaboration begins

1999       “Miracle on School Street” Project – new fence and exterior beautification

2001       New windows installed (goodbye “prison-look” chicken wire!)

2002       Here comes the U.S. Navy volunteers – Paint the lockers red!

2003       K-8 Expansion approved

2004       Kindergarten Enrichment Program begins

Uniform policy created

Elementary School Science Lab created

Italian Consulate Italian program begins

2005       Warren-Prescott Foundation created

Family & Community Liaison starts

Pearl Street Playspace Expansion to back lot

Science Club & Science Saturdays begin

2006       1st Parent Pledge Drive & Fundraising for Enrichment Programs

Green Team begins

2007       Receives Henri L. Shattuck Public Service Award

Art Enrichment Program begins

Upper School Extended Day begins

2008       1st Graduating 8th Grade Class

Boys & Girls Club Gymnasium Partnership begins

1st WP Chorus Regional Award won

Band Program begins

2009       Receives Charlestown Community Service Award

Edvestors School on the Move Finalist

The Learning Garden is created with Community Volunteers

Courageous Sailing Partnership begins

1st BPS Kindergarten Accreditation by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Expansion to 3-Strand School due to popular demand for Kindergarten enrollment

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Extended Day Program begins

2010       Recieves Pirandello Lyceum “I Miglori” Award

Ecuador Project begins

2011        1st Place Winner in Adam & Eve’s “Fruitables Best Elementary School Mash-Up in America”

Technology Initiative begins

WP Campus Expansion to Pearl Street

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