City Square Park Recipient of DCR Matching Funds

The Friends of City Square Park partnered with the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Partnerships Matching Funds Program. The matching grant program allowed the Friends to contribute $10,000, which was matched by $20,000 from DCR for a total of $30,000 to be used towards the Park renovation and upgrades.  The project, which will clean and fortify the park granite, maintain existing plantings, replace damaged plants, and pruning is all scheduled to begin at the end of June.

From DCR: “DCR understands the work the Friends do to maintain and fund improvements at this DCR property is a vital tool for this agency. The Partnership Matching Funds Program helps DCR’s partners support the agency’s core needs by focusing on capital projects, build sustainable partner organizations and exhibit a transparent public management process for projects.”

“Many thanks to the newly appointed DCR Commissioner, Edward Lambert for understanding and respecting the needs put forth by FCSP”, said Annette Tecce, Governor of the FCSP, “the DCR Partnership Program is a vitally important tool for the future of our Park and it is our pleasure to have DCR working with us in the neighborhood to continue to maintain and improve City Square Park.”

The Friends invite you to join in supporting and caring for this wonderful neighborhood park. Private and corporate memberships and donations will help to continue this important work for years to come.  To become a member or to make a donation in support of the park, please visit our web site at

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