Ribbon Cutting Official Grand Opening at Grasshopper Café

-By Joshua Resnek

The ribbon was cut rather nicely by Mayor Thomas Menino. Also in the photograph are, from left to right, Kevin Smith, his father, Kevin Smith, the mayor, Councillor Sal LaMattina, Lynne Smith and Jarrod Smith.

The Grasshopper Café, the newest and best addition to the Charlestown culinary scene, began operating in January. It is, arguably, the best and the only true to life, real time breakfast place in this neighborhood (unless you want to consider Friendly’s as a breakfast place).

It is also a lunch stop – and a great one at that.

The Grasshopper’s official Grand Opening Tuesday was a classic Charlestown affair.

The mayor, who was proudly received cut the ribbon. The city councilor made his rounds with so many friends and acquaintances inside the restaurant, while the crowd that had assembled mid-morning tasted some of the many home cooked treats put out by the owners.

The Smith Family basked in glory and with pride as the restaurant that has become their reason to live was packed with friends and diners of all ages and from all walks of life.

It is located at 229 Bunker Hill Street and having the look and feel of a up-scale, immaculate, friendly good food venue.

The Smiths are well known in Charlestown – and the restaurant has put the family on the map.

Lynne Smith, one of the owners, worked at the 99 for 19 years.

“We make everything here – and we’re proud of what we do. Our pancake batter is home made, light, sweet, just right,” said Smith. “Our home fries are made with a secret menu of ingredients. The waffles we make are also the product of a homemade special batter that is just right and the fruits available on top of the waffles are all freshly bought and cut up by us. Believe me, breakfast here is a special treat,” she added.

Kevin Smith, her husband and co-owner said he too is proud of what they have accomplished since January.

“We started off our business facing three consecutive snow storms at the end of January – and we made it and it was fun,” he said.

When asked about what type of ham one could expect at breakfast if ordering ham and eggs he replied: “Honey ham cut just right.”

Mayor Menino made the rounds and also tasted of some of the treats that the Smiths put out.

There was a delightful – very light and tasty clear style fish stew filled with bits of fish clams, and potato. It was just right if you like fish stew.

The crab cakes were to die for as was the corned beef hash in the center of extra light midget buns with a fabulous sauce to dip them into.

“We’re especially proud of our corned beef hash,” said Mr. Smith.

By all appearances, the Smiths have a great thing going at the Grasshopper Café.

Finally, at last, there is a breakfast place supreme and a luncheon place that rides with the big guys in Charlestown.

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