On to Thanksgiving

The year is hurtling to its end as we near Thanksgiving.

The Halloween weekend was something to behold.

And then we turned back our clocks.

After the Fourth of July and Bunker Hill Day, Halloween has become perhaps the third most important holiday of the year in this neighborhood, proving that the neighborhood is swarming with children and parents who helped to make Halloween a big success here.

Now comes Thanksgiving and then, oh my God, Christmas.

We have noticed the first signs of Christmas coming with the Salvation Army ringing their bells and collecting donations in front of supermarkets.

It is impossible to believe that another year has nearly passed us by.

In a little more than two weeks we will all enjoy the annual turkey and all the New England fixings – and by that time any warmth that remained outside will have been replaced by home heating systems straining against the cold.

We are on the march to Christmas.

Try to take one day at a time.

You’ll enjoy the coming of the holidays more that way.

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