CNC Hears Plans For Halloween and Winter Festivals at Hood Park

Picture the iconic Rink at Rockefeller Center in New York City and imagine a similar setting with an outdoor rink and Christmas tree at Hood Park in Charlestown this December.

That’s just one of the magical happenings planned for the “Boston Winter Fest,” one of two festivals that could be coming to Charlestown. The other, the “Boston Wicked Haunt” – a Halloween-themed festival – which will feature a maze, haunted houses, and castles – is also generating considerable buzz in the neighborhood.

Mark Rosenshein of Trademark Partners [who have been the project managers for all the new construction and projects at Hood Park] made a presentation about the two family-oriented festivals to members of the Charlestown Neighborhood Council at its meeting Tuesday night. The response was one of enthusiasm and support across the board.

“What we’re proposing and what we want to talk to you about and get feedback on is our next two events at Hood Park, a Halloween festival and a winter festival, both of which will be owned and operated by the same people that run Tradesman and Urban Wild [at Hood Park],” began Rosenshein.

Rosenshein told the CNC members that the Halloween festival would run from mid-September to mid-November (excluding Halloween night).

“For Halloween, we’ll have a few haunted house buildings, some vendors who will have crafts and locally made materials – we’ll have booths for local vendors and shops,” said Rosenshein.

“We’ll shut down for part of November and then turn it into a Christmas festival with an ice skating rink with a Christmas tree in the middle, a Santa’s House, all family friendly activities,” continued Rosenshein.

Tickets to both festivals will be sold in advance. There will be free parking. Shuttles will also transport guests to the venue. There will be police and fire security details onsite.

Meki Durakovic, owner of Tradesman and Urban Wild, said previous festivals at Hood Park – OktoberFest, SpringFest, WinterFest – were very successful.

“There are over 9,000 children that live in Charlestown,” said Durakovic. “Basically, we want to bring them a first-class Rockefeller Center ice skating rink to Charlestown and drop the prices so everyone can enjoy the Christmas season and make it magical.”

Carl Rugato, owner of FX Entertainment, brought the excitement level about the festival up a notch when he spoke of his incredible resume as technical director at Busch Gardens and his leadership positions at Marvel, Jurassic World Live and Disney on Ice.

“My expertise is thematic design displays and events, but focusing around taking the aspects of everything about Halloween that everyone loves – but keeping everything more family-directed instead of what some of the major theme parks will do,” said Rugato. “I want every single age of people to be able to come and have a great time, from toddlers to seniors. It will have a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy.”

Rosenshein said the organizing group is beginning the process of seeking the permits (building, assembly) and licenses (one-day liquor) required by the City of Boston to hold the festivals.

Rosenshein thanked the CNC for its positive reception of their venture.

“The CNC has always been supportive of interesting and new ideas in Charlestown, things that bring the community together, things that provide opportunity for the teens – we expect to hire 40 employees over the course of the [festival] season,” said Rosenshein.

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