DiDomenico Champions Cover All Kids

Last week, Senator DiDomenico joined colleagues and advocates to highlight the importance of his Cover All Kids bill during the coalition’s advocacy day at the State House. Approximately 40,000 children and young adults under age 21 who meet eligibility criteria for MassHealth currently lack coverage due to their immigration status. DiDomenico’s bill, S.740, would remove this barrier and ensure all children in our state can access health care, regardless of their immigration status.

Senator Sal DiDomenico with advocates, and colleagues. (Left to right) Senator Sal DiDomenico, Representative Dave Rogers, Attorney General Andrea Campbell and on the far right is Amy Rosenthal,
Executive Director of Health Care for All.

Senator Sal DiDomenico spoke at the advocacy day to emphasize the critical need for this legislation, “We can’t wait two more years to file this bill again because a whole group of children are not going to have access to health care, eyeglasses, hearing aids, wheelchairs, or medication. In one of the richest states in the richest country, guaranteeing health coverage for every single child should be non-negotiable.”

The event was hosted by the organizers of the Cover All Kids’ coalition, Health Care For All, and the speakers included Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell, the bill’s House Sponsor, Rep. Dave Rogers, and countless coalition members who packed the State House to advocate for this urgently needed legislation.

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