Meet the Candidates for the Mayor of Charlestown

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The Mayor of Charlestown race is the only election you can buy!

The object of the Mayor of Charlestown race is to raise money for the 2023 Bunker Hill Day Parade and All Roads Charlestown.

The Candidate with the most ballots sold will receive the title of “Mayor of Charlestown” for the term of 1 year, starting in June 2023 to June 2024. Ballots are sold for $1 and candidates can sell ballots by any means possible. And no, you do not need to be register to vote.

Last year, we revived the race after an eight year hiatus. Louie Woods, won the honorary title for 2022-2023 and surpassed any other “Charlestown Mayor” since the 1980’s by selling the most ballots in Charlestown history.

The 2023 Candidates are Brittany Busa, Meghan Collins, & Ronnie Doe.

So far, the Race has been super interactive and community involved. With each candidate coming up with their own creative fundraisers, there have been some fun events around town. From a Roses & Rita “Kentucky derby/cinco de Mayo” themed party, to a Cut-A-Thon, a Walk-A-Thon, “Knights” parties, 10K raffles, and comedy nights, these candidates have put in the work!

Learn more about them below!


1) how long have you lived here?

2) tell us a little bit about yourself

3) what are your hobbies?

4) what does it mean to be a part of the Charlestown community?

5) what is your favorite Charlestown event?

6) what is your favorite memory in Charlestown?

7) what is your favorite place in Charlestown?

8) why do you want to be mayor of Charlestown?


Candidate Ronnie Doe:

1) For most of my life.

2) As a result of the many poems I have written I am considered by many to be the Charlestown Laureate. I am also one of the faces of recovery in Charlestown, a father of two and a Longshoreman.

3) Playing sports was my biggest hobby but age has eliminated actively playing. As mentioned I am a poet and also a song writer.

4) Having had a checkered past it is an honor to be a positive role model in the Charlestown community especially in the recovery community.

5) The Road Race is my favorite event because of the number of participants and the money it raises for the Boys and Girls Club.

6) The Parade for Jackie O’Callahan after he won a Gold Medal with the U.S. Hockey team in 1980.

7) I would say walking the Navy Yard admiring the USS Constitution.

8) Because a Mayor’s Race is usually about change and as the unofficial Mayor of Charlestown. I am living proof that people can change.

Candidate Britt Busa

1) 13 years

2) I moved from Concord to Charlestown to plant my roots 13 years ago. I am a washed up hockey player turned customer marketer for the tech industry. Above all else, I am a dedicated family girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.

3) I have a keen interest in building deep, meaningful relationships and love spending time with friends, cooking, running, playing golf, sitting on the beach, and traveling the globe. Additionally, I am an avid sports fan — you can catch me at a local establishment cheering on Boston sports any night of the week.

4) I love this town! There is no other neighborhood like it. No matter if you were born here or moved here,  it’s a community made up of friends, family and neighbors who are there for each other – providing love, help, and support.

5) Parade Day!!

6) Watching the Red Sox win the World Series in 2013 at Ironsides. The energy from friends and neighbors was electric.

7) I love taking a run along the Harbor Walk.

8) It’s been a dream of mine since moving to town to give back to a community that has proven to be a wonderful place to make a home as well as spoiled me with the best friends and neighbors. This Toonie brings old school Charlestown pride in keeping traditions thriving. I am truly honored to be able give back in a capacity in which I’d never imagined – to honor the past and to support the future.

Candidate Meghan Collins

1) so I moved out a few times growing up in surrounding towns, but I was always here, school, the club, my whole family, my friends, everything.  Ive always worked here. Born and raised. Townies always make it back.

2) I’m a 31 year old hair dresser who LOVES spending time her family (esp cuzzy time) and my friends who are also my family.

3). My favorite past time is singing my heart out with my friends on long car rides!  I’m always up for a good time!  I occasionally swim with sharks.

4.) Just that,  it’s a community. We’re Family. We always come together and support each other when we have to, even if we’re not in the same circle, get along.  It takes a village.

5) I love Family Feud and music bingo!

6). The Eden street concert during parade week, just running around being kids, straying each other with silly string and throwing stink bombs.

7) It used to be the Sawyer’s parking lot at the top of the 40s, esp for fireworks, the Thanksgiving dock and 14 Belmont st.

8) I’m using this opportunity to give back to my community and get myself involved! But the reason is in memory of my nana tootsie (Geraldine Devlin Doris) who was runner up in 1987, but also won the trip Ireland because of her dedication & kick ass attitude. It’s in the genes.

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