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Post Offices Will Be Closed For Memorial Day

In recognition of the sacrifice made by generations of service men and women in defense of our nation, Post Offices will be closed on Monday, May 29, for Memorial Day. There will be no mail delivery, other than guaranteed overnight parcels. Full retail and delivery services will resume on Tuesday, May 30.

Meet Artist Sohaila Mosbeh, the Myth of NuT

The community is invited to meet artist Sohaila Mosbeh on Tuesday evening, June 14, 2023 at The Anchor in Shipyard Park/Charlestown Navy Yard. Come learn of Ms. Mosbeh’s inspiration for the digital light installation “The Myth of Nut” (pronounced “newt’) and stay to watch the ten minute digital loop at sunset.  Located in the heart of the amphitheater, the permanent light exhibit consists of four large panels of programmable mesh lighting installed between the roof beams on the second floor of the amphitheater, which is adjacent to the park’s beloved water fountain.

 Sohaila states that the light installation is heavily inspired by the natural elements within Shipyard Park, including the spectacular waterfront and the soft glow of the night sky. The location for the light installation is heavily reminiscent of the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, Egypt, a city full of historical artifacts from ancient Egypt to ancient Greece. The light installation is a permanent exhibit.  Questions? Email [email protected].

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