Letters to the Editor

A Sincere Thank You

To the Old Charlestown Schoolboys,

A sincere thank you to the Old Charlestown Schoolboys for awarding me with the Edward Mahan Scholarship.  I am very grateful to be the recipient of this Scholarship as it will help ease the burden of my college expenses.  Being a part of the Charlestown community and being recognized by the Old Charlestown Schoolboys is a great honor and privilege. 

Thank you again,

John C. Flanagan

Absentee Leadership from the Mayor

Dear Mayor Wu,

I am writing to you to express my opposition to the overdevelopment of Charlestown through the multiple, simultaneous development projects that are slated to add 11,000 new residents to the neighborhood with no additional infrastructure or resources and lacking community support.  It is noted by many residents and voters of Charlestown your continual dismissal of the necessary considerations and feedback on the serious overdevelopment being proposed on your tenure. 

In the face of this opposition, you have erroneously been honored by the “Friends of the Navy Yard” in Charlestown for your “leadership” on Tuesday May 23rd.  This honor is ironic to say the least given your complete neglect to advocate and represent your constituency in Charlestown.  To add insult to injury, your office has indicated that you will not be present at the event to accept this honor – proving your consistency in being an absentee leader. 

Mayor Wu, it is important to remember that your role as the city’s Mayor is not a position of power, but one of public service. It is your responsibility to act in the “best interest” of the people who elected you. By disregarding the needs and opinions of the people of Charlestown, you are failing in your duty as a representative of this community. Charlestown cannot stand by quietly while your administration experiments with our community. 

I urge you to take this input seriously and start prioritizing the concerns of your constituents. It is time to engage in open dialogue with the community, actively listen to us, and make decisions which are based on our best interest. We, the citizens who have elected you, deserve a leader who is committed to serving this community with integrity, accountability, and the empathy we deserve.

Nancy Mara-Aldrich

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