Townie Cheerleaders Are State Champs!

The Charlestown Youth Football and Cheer League (CYFCL) is thrilled to share that the 8U and 812 Townie Cheerleaders took home two first place trophies from the NECYFC cheer competition at Lynn English High School on October 29. 

Both teams moved on to nail their routines in the States competition last week in Lowell, and will continue to cheer on the 8U team as they head to the New England Ayc Regional Cheerleading Competition in Rhode Island on November 19.  

The U8 girls team. Coaches are Shauna and Kristen. Student demonstrators are Analyse and Tricia. Pictured are top row is (left to right) Ainsley B, Brielle C, Peyton K, Kaylee R, Anna C, Saoirse S and Ezynette G. Bottom row is (left to right) Cai’lee K, Cailyn T, Flannery R, Saydee M, Maisley S, Arielle P and Evelyn R.
The U12 girls team. Coaches are Shawna and Kaelyn. Student demonstrators are Grace and Aislynn. The cheerleaders are Gigi S, Madison D, Haleighann G, Taelyn D, Rylan O, Chloe C, Lily D, Alaya G, Brenna M, Parker M, Caia R, and Aislin P.

The CYFCL would like to recognize the hard work and amazing collaboration this season of the girls and their dedicated coaches.  We could not be more proud of these amazing accomplishments. 

Good luck to the 8U team on November 19, Go Townies!  Follow the CYFCL on Facebook (Charlestown Youth Football & Cheering League) and Instagram (ctownfootballandcheer). To learn more details about the football and cheer programing contact Kelliegh: [email protected].

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