Pilates-Based Movement Studio Now Serving Clients With Chronic Pain in Charlestown

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Movement Remedies LLC is pleased to announce its grand opening, with private and small group Pilates sessions now available in 50 Terminal Street in Charlestown. The mission of Movement Remedies’ founder, Dana Karen Ciccone (who goes by “DK”), is to curate movement programs and experiences for people whose movement potential has been hindered by chronic pain and/or traumatic experiences. DK’s own experience with chronic low back pain for almost 30 years is a driving force behind the mission and focus of the business. Movement Remedies is also committed to providing a weight neutral and anti-diet environment in which clients can expect a space that is free from negative commentary regarding bodies, abilities and weight.

Dana Karen “DK” Ciccone, founder of Movementy Remedies’.

The studio’s signature pain management program, a 9-week immersive curriculum of pain science and movement exploration called Find Your Feat, begins September 19th. Enrollment is open now and limited to just 10 spots. Find Your Feat – so named as an acknowledgement of the focus and determination required to achieve movement goals in the context of chronic pain – incorporates pain education, tailored movement programs, community Pilates sessions, reflection and journaling, and weekly accountability to address the known contributors to pain intensity within the biopsychosocial model of pain. Anyone interested in learning more about the program can do so here.

Chronic pain is a global health problem with reported incidence rates ranging from 20 to 30 percent of the world’s population. The CDC notes chronic pain as “one of the most common reasons adults seek medical care,” and an ailment affecting about 50 million US adults. Recognizing the importance of person-centered health care and an integrated approach to pain management, Movement Remedies is committed to a collaborative engagement model with local clinicians. Health Care Open Studio Sessions are available to introduce clinician teams to the Pilates method and apparatus, particularly in the context of discharge from physical therapy.

Since becoming a Pilates teacher after 10+ years in management consulting, DK has worked with dozens of Bostonians becoming active following joint replacement, spinal fusion surgery, cancer treatment, new neurological diagnoses, and other post-rehab situations. Client testimonials can be found here.

About Movement Remedies LLC: We are a Pilates and Wellness business that specializes in reducing the negative impact of pain for people recovering from injury and/or trauma, or living with chronic conditions. We believe compassion and empathy are integral to catalyzing movement. And regular physical activity is a proven contributor to overall well-being. More information is available here.

Contact: DK Ciccone, [email protected], 617-807-0366 Movementremedies.org | @Movement_Remedies

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