Friends of the Charlestown Branch Library HonorRosemary Kverek, As “Friend of the Year” Recipient

On the early evening of Wednesday June 29, the Friends of the Library gathered to celebrate Rosemary Kverek, our 2022 “Friend of the Year,” to thank her for her numerous contributions, not only to our local library, but also for her tireless volunteer work throughout the Charlestown community.

When asked why she was so devoted to our library, she readily responded by sharing that she had grown up in upstate NY, in a town that did not have its own library at the time. So her folks would have to drive her and her siblings to the nearest city to check out books from that library. That personal story explained a lot as to why she’s so devoted to supporting ours.

She has been, and continues to be, a very beloved Board Member of the Friends. Needless to say, our “Friend of the Year” gathering was very festive, held at Blackmoor Bar & Kitchen, where the food is terrific and the wait staff is so very attentive!

Hurray for Rosemary Kverek! All of Charlestown is very lucky to have her as our neighbor.

Submitted by Mary Curtin, Board Member of the Friends of the Charlestown Branch Library

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