The Mayor of Charlestown Race Is Back And It’s the Only Election You Can Buy!

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The Mayor of Charlestown race is back. Originally run by the Charlestown to Charlestown Committee, the Mayor of Charlestown connected Charlestown, Massachusetts to Charlestown County Mayo, Ireland. Beginning in 1983, any funds raised by the candidates were used to send the winner to Charlestown, Ireland and the rest of the funds were donated to the Charlestown Rose Contest. There were many Townies who took great pride in taking part in the event, Lily Boutilier, being one of them.

She was crowned Charlestowns very first Mayor in 1983. The Mayor of Charlestown race was a tradition in Charlestown for many years and All Roads Charlestown is thrilled to bring this tradition back with a current spin.

This year, all funds raised during the Mayor of Charlestown race will go to help fund the Bunker Hill Parade in June 2022.

The Eligibility Requirements for Candidacy in the Mayor’s Race are: 

• Must be at least a five year resident of Charlestown. 

• Must be at least 21 years of age or older 

•Must attend the Townie Toast on March 18.

• Must attend The Bunker Hill Block Party on June 11.

• Must march or ride in the Bunker Hill Day Parade on June 12.

All residents interested in participating must submit their names to All Roads Charlestown at [email protected] no later than  March 17.

Rules of the Race: 

• Candidates will sell official “Charlestown Mayor” ballots for $1.00 each. 

• Candidates are allowed to sell ballots from March 18, 2022 thru June 9, 2022

• Candidates are encouraged to sell as many ballots as possible, by any means necessary.

• Get Creative! There is no limit as to how many ballots one person can purchase. Each ballot purchased will enter the buyer into a raffle for cash prizes: 

• First Place: $500

• Second Place: $250 

All Candidates are responsible for their own ballots and the return of all monies received through sales and any unsold ballots. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 

All ballot sold will be submitted in cash to committee All Candidates are strongly encouraged to attend all Charlestown Pride Week events.

The Candidate with the most ballots sold will receive the title of “Mayor of Charlestown” for the term of one year, starting in June 2022 to June 2023.

In addition to being declared the Mayor of Charlestown, the Winner will also receive 40% of their ballot sales as a Grand Prize.

In the event that the elected Mayor is unable to fulfill their duties The Committee  will also be selecting a first runner up, who will receive 10% of their ballot sales as a prize.

Winners can also donate their prize money to a local Charlestown charity or organization.

The winner will be announced at the Bunker Hill Block Party on June 11, 2022 

(We will also be streaming it live on Facebook @ All Roads Charlestown)

Mayoral Duties Include: 

• The new Mayor must attend at least three Charlestown non-profit fundraisers throughout their term.

• They must attend Townie Santa

• Volunteer at least once at Harvest on Vine

• Must attend the 2023 Townie Toast

• Must attend all 2023 Charlestown Pride Week events as well as The Bunker Hill Day Block party 

Note: The Mayor of Charlestown Committee has the right to disqualify any candidate who does not abide by the rules. 

The Mayor of Charlestown Committee are:

Erica Walsh

Sean Boyle

Aileen Gorman

Patty Kelley

Mary Crilley-McGonagle 

Kelli Forbes

Mary Gillen

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