Kevin Hayden Sworn in as Suffolk County DA

District Attorney Kevin Hayden hit the ground running on his first day after being sworn into office by Gov. Charlie Baker by naming Boston defense attorney Kevin R. Mullen as his first assistant district attorney and announcing the formation of a transition team to help review office policies.

“The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office is staffed with exceptional attorneys and non-lawyers who are dedicated to justice and nurturing safe communities.  That will not change with my administration,’’ DA Hayden said. “I am returning home by coming back to the office where I started my legal career.  I could not be prouder to lead this office, which is so critical to preventing crime and harm in Boston, Chelsea, Revere and Winthrop.”

DA Hayden’s first action was to name Mullen, who was an ADA with DA Hayden in the 1990s, as his first assistant. In addition to his work as a Suffolk County prosecutor, Mullen, from Dorchester, has worked as a criminal defense attorney and been appointed a special prosecutor in other counties, frequently for cases where the DA’s office was presented with a potential conflict of interest. First ADA Mullen was sworn in today as well.

One of the priorities of DA Hayden is to reduce the number of illegal guns in the county to determine the proposer course of prosecution in each situation.  “I am beginning a comprehensive review of all the gun cases pending in this office; each one has the potential to cause great harm to our communities,’’ said DA Hayden. “The harm that guns cause is incalculable and we must do everything in our power, use every tool at our disposal, to reduce that harm.’’

In addition, DA Hayden said he will meet with staff members, law enforcement partners, elected officials, and community partners, to engage in how best to support the communities of Suffolk County. He is also forming a transition committee which will be comprised of people who live, work and worship in Suffolk County to review SCDAO policies and make recommendations on how to improve performance.

“I am excited to start and humbled by the appointment,’’ said DA Hayden.

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