Charlestown, City Kick Off Early Voting for November’s Municipal Election

On Tuesday, Charlestown voters had the opportunity to vote early at the Harvard/Kent Elementary School Gymnasium for the Nov. 2 Municipal Election and voters here can continue to vote at City Hall until Friday or utilize early voting drop boxes here and across the city until election night.

Unlike traditional polling, early voting allows voters to vote at locations other than their assigned polling location.

While early voting occurred on Tuesday at the Harvard/Kent Elementary School Gymnasium, Charlestown residents can continue to vote early at the nearest location at City Hall on Wednesday, Oct. 27 from 9 am to 5 pm, Thursday, Oct. 28 from 9 am to 8 pm and Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Charlestown residents can also utilize the voting dropbox at the Charlestown Branch Library or the dropbox outside City Hall seven days a week until 8 pm election night.

The Boston Election Department is encouraging voters to utilize early voting because voting early makes it easy to ensure a voter’s voice is heard.

Aside from the Charlestown Branch Library and City Hall drop boxes, registered Charlestown voters can vote at any early voting location throughout Boston. A list of all early voting locations can be found at–626701.

On the ballot voters will choose between Michelle Wu or Annissa Essaibi George for Mayor of Boston.

Voters will also narrow down the At-Large field from eight to four on Nov. 2. Voters can choose up to four candidates and David Halbert, Bridget M Nee-Walsh, Julia Mejia, Carla Monteiro, Ruthzee Louijeune, Althea Garrison, Michael Flaherty and Erin J. Murphy will all be on the ballot.

There will also be three ballot questions during the November 2 Municipal Election.

The first question will ask whether or not to reverse the decision in the 1990s to go from an elected Boston School Committee to an appointed School Committee. Boston is the only city in the Commonwealth that does not have an elected school committee.

There’s also a ballot question introduced by city councilors on the Boston Budget Process Amendment that has been sent to the State House. It would allow the city council to engage back and forth with the mayor to check the mayor’s power on the city’s $3.7 billion budget. It will give the council, just like every other legislative body, the ability to amend and to override the mayor’s veto.

There’s also a non-binding ballot question regarding the proposed Eversource Substation in East Boston

The question to voters will read, “Should a high voltage, electric substation be built at 400 Condor Street in East Boston, along the Chelsea Creek, near homes, parks, playgrounds, jet fuel storage, and in a flood risk area rather than in a nearby alternative safe and secure location such as non-residential Massport land at Logan Airport?”

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