Letter to the Editor

Pier 5: Where, What, Why, and When

To the Editor,

Pier 5, should its destiny be private or public?

As many of us are engaging the community by listening, reviewing the historical past, speaking about the present or asking folks what they think should be the outcome of the pier, now and for future generations, it becomes clear that while many are up to date regarding the latest through our local newspaper, some ask many important and thoughtful questions.

Where is Pier 5?

This is a pier located at the head of the Boston Harbor, in the Navy Yard. This is one of the last piers, abandoned, vacant, and left to rot by the City of Boston since the 70’s.

What is the concern?

Charlestown and, especially the Navy Yard is a high flood-zone. We need Pier 5 to be ready for future climate changes, climate resiliency and to protect the residents, neighborhoods and businesses.

Why should Pier 5 be public?

The reality is that over 20,000 residents and counting are living in one square mile. Where do these people go for recreation? Where can one go to enjoy the harbor, have a picnic or just sit and take in the beautiful harbor? Yes, we do have slivers of walkway along the harbor walk and a few benches to sit on, but the reality is, we share the Navy Yard with over 500,000 visitors yearly.

Charlestown has the highest number of affordable housing units in New England. Where is the social equity and environmental justice? EVERYONE living in Charlestown must have a place at the Pier 5 table.

What can you do?

We have a petition, accessible at pier 5.org and we are engaging folks at various locations in Charlestown. Currently there are 1900 signers on the on- line petition and close to 500 signers on the paper petition.

When can you learn more about Pier 5?

On the August 26, from 4 -7pm in front of Pier 5, we are having a family event for all to come and learn about the pier as well as finding out what you would like this special waterfront destination to become.

We thank you, for signing the petition, voicing you concerns, and your input into reimagining Pier 5 as a jewel in the harbor to be enjoyed by ALL THE PEOPLE.

Thank you,

Ann Kelleher

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