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What about “OUR” views?

To the Editor:

Just thought I would respond about the recent article on Hood Park Landscape and how they are “SO” concerned about blocking out the noise and sight of I-93 for THEIR tenants.

The first issue is what faces “OUR” private homes 24/7 with lights on in open end of the garage (South side) facing Bunker Hill Community College, TILL, Essex Street, and rear Mishawum Park. 

Second, Third and Fourth  is what it looks like during daytime (like an unfinished construction site). The Fifth and Sixth is what faces the offices (9-5 operation times) and tenants of Hood Park.

So basically what I am asking is what about “OUR” views?

Our Light Pollution 24/7?

It would be nice if Hood Park finished the South side of their parking garage as they finished the North side. 

I personally counted the panels to block the “LIGHT POLLUTION” on the South side, and they have 60 panels.

On the North side (office and pond site with trees etc.), they have over 100 panels. Not too much to ask for us. Charlestown residents should have a nice view as well.

Joseph Kelley

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